Turning Disruption into Opportunity for Women and Business

Turning Disruption into Opportunity for Women and Business

When Women Thrive

Turning Disruption into Opportunity for Women

Mercer’s third annual When Women Thrive session at the World Economic Forum explored how the convergence of new technologies and socioeconomic and demographic shifts are transforming labor markets and presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses and the workforce. To drive innovation and growth, leaders are pursuing greater levels of diverse workforce participation — in which women play a critical part.  The discussion between Mercer executives and leaders from Bank of America, Harvard Kennedy School, Unilever and SAP was rich with insights and actions for how organizations and leaders must respond in this environment of disruption.  Our newest white paper includes insights from the session and outlines specific steps organizations should consider to minimize displacement and advance opportunities for women.

Pat Milligan, Global Leader of Multinational Clients and When Women Thrive on “Turning Disruption into Opportunity”

The expertise and key findings shared in our session and in Forum discussions throughout the week are differentiating the dialogue — in terms of gender, but also in terms of leadership, jobs, education, technology advancements and globalization. As we reflect on all we experienced at Davos  — from the insights we’ve gleaned and the key actions we’ve identified, to the commitments and promises we’ve made — we are optimistic that organizations and leaders will demonstrate progress through taking the following critical actions:   

  • Anticipating and responding to the effects of globalization and technological advancements on jobs and workforce participation
  • Establishing targets reinforced by governance and transparency
  • Pursuing systemic change — we are simply not moving the needle fast enough; to achieve gender equality in the workplace, holistic system and process changes are required, particularly in recruitment and promotion, and in the benefit areas of flexibility and pay
  • Investing and implementing across the value chain — from how products are developed or sourced; to how they reflect brand and culture in advertising; to their impact on sustainability, society and economic growth
  • Educating and equipping employees for the jobs of the future, with an increased focus on and investment in developing talent and skills
  • Reporting and sharing — moving beyond a focus only on financial performance, innovative companies are measuring the success of women in areas that include governance and operations, and are sharing their results and success narratives to reveal what is driving progress

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This event was hosted in partnership with EDGE Certified Foundation. EDGE (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) is the leading global assessment methodology and business certification standard for gender equality.

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