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Founded in 2014, When Women Thrive is Mercer's global research and solution platform designed to help organizations drive growth through the active and productive participation of their female workforce.

Why When Women Thrive Matters

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Get the latest insights from the world's most comprehensive report on women in the workforce, representing nearly 600 organizations and 3.2 million employees. Let us help you drive your growth through diversity.

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"When Women Thrive is a call to organizations and leaders to think and act differently to advance women and drive their growth. Now is the time to take action."

Pat Milligan,
Senior Partner and Global Leader of When Women Thrive and Multinational Client Group


What's happening

  • 3 Key Steps to Shape the Future of Work for Women (HR Dive)

    What are leaders doing to solve critical talent issues? Takeaways from our 2016 When Women Thrive conference. Read More

    Roadmap to Success

    Take the first step. Benchmark yourself against peers. Identify priority areas. Begin to create a roadmap for a successful gender diversity strategy.
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  • Speaker's Bureau

    Mercer experts deliver powerful key note speeches, private workshops and custom sessions to educate, engage and empower leaders. Request a Speaker

  • Pay Equity: New Pressures, New Strategies

    An overview on new regulations and proactive steps to take to ensure fair pay among all employees. Read More



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