When Women Thrive in Media & Entertainment

When Women Thrive in Media & Entertainment | Mercer

When Women Thrive in Media and Entertainment

Mercer has expanded the When Women Thrive  platform to address the unique needs of the Media & Entertainment industry. Our mission is to increase the representation and advancement of women in the industry by focusing on their total wellbeing - careers, health, safety and financial wellness.  


Mercer was been named the official knowledge partner for ReFrame, an industry-wide partnership to further gender parity at every level in film, TV, and media, launched by Women In Film and Sundance Institute together with over 50 Hollywood leaders and influencers

"Hollywood and its bold leaders have the ability to set an example for all industries."
Pam Jeffords, Partner, Mercer

On March 8—International Women’s Day— we convened leaders from across the television, film and publishing to talk about the representation and advancement of women in the media and entertainment industry.  The day was anchored in conversations lead by Pam Jeffords and Pat Milligan from Mercer, Keri Putnam from Sundance Institute, Dr. Susan Smith from USC’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, Cathy Schulman from Women in Film, and Academy Award nominated film producer Amy Ziering. We also immersed ourselves in experiential learning workshops facilitated by experts pioneering solutions that bring equality to all. 

"Everyone who sits in this room sits in a different position of power and influence,” said Mercer Senior Partner, Patricia Milligan, “and it's very difficult when we realize some of the intractable issues facing the industry. We think 'well, what can I do?"'

Together we unpacked this question and the key issues and solutions to:

  • Cultivating trust, particularly in an industry so rocked by trauma
  • Advancing the case for gender equity—aligning on societal and business imperative
  • Removing biases in the hiring and promotion of talent
  • Addressing the unique wellness barriers to thriving
  • Employing data to diagnose and address systemic barriers
  • Collaborating with men as equal partners
  • Using technology as an enabler of change

We are at an inflection point, and there is real energy around the drive for gender equality — in front of the camera, behind the camera in positions of leadership. We look forward to continuing the work to advance solutions in the industry.  If you haven’t already, please be sure to watch some of the videos and perspectives from the day.

We had the opportunity to interview ReFrame Ambassador and Founder of the Black List, Franklin Leondard. The Black List is a yearly publication featuring Hollywood's most popular unproduced screenplays.  It is a network of script writers, buyers, and representatives that makes it easier for those in the industry connect.  Learn more about the vision and the work to change the trajectory in media and entertainment.


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