When Women Thrive: Accelerating for Impact

Accelerating for Impact: 2018 Gender Imperative | Mercer

Accelerating for Impact: 2018 Gender Inflection Point


Now four years into our When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive research – we are at an inflection point. With the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Gender Gap Report showing a deterioration in women’s economic standing over the past several years, and the recent attention given the issue of gender parity – we have a choice – to either seize this opportunity or watch the potential for progress for women slip away.

In Accelerating for Impact: 2018 Gender Inflection Point, we set out to further understand the drivers of female advancement and identify concrete steps organizations can take to change or improve their trajectories. The result is a holistic look at the future of women in the workforce - from the headwinds impeding progress, to the system accelerators that provide great hope for sustained improvement.

Listen to recording from our recent webcast.

Hear more about the focus and intention of this year’s research

The current landscape and dynamics of gender diversity provide a unique opportunity and platform for organizations to make strides now. It will require:

  • Data and analytics that underlie and support all of the decision being made to advance women
  • Courageous leadership at all levels of the organization committed to helping women thrive
  • Holistic coordination and linkage across all aspects of the change effort to make sure they reinforce one another and accelerate progress

The Media & Entertainment industry is at a critical inflection point. Mercer has expanded the When Women Thrive  platform to address the unique needs of the Media & Entertainment industry. Our mission is to increase the representation and advancement of women in the industry by focusing on their total wellbeing - careers, health, safety and financial wellness. Press Release


Mercer has been named the official knowledge partner for ReFrame, an industry-wide partnership to further gender parity at every level in film, TV, and media, launched by Women In Film and Sundance Institute together with over 50 Hollywood leaders and influencers.

We will host the first When Women Thrive in Media and Entertainment event on March 8th, International Women’s Day in Los Angeles.  The event will bring together Hollywood insiders dedicated to enacting change for women in the industry. Through expert and peer facilitation, experiential learning and collaboration, the event is guaranteed to equip leaders and influencers with tools and strategies for action. Learn More

Mercer When Women Thrive at the World Economic Forum

Our fourth annual briefing at the World Economic Forum included over 150 individuals - CEOs, board members, academics, and influencers - from global organizations, representing more than 60 countries. Featuring a powerful keynote from Mercer President and CEO, Julio Portalatin and two panels, discussions focused on how to advance women through cultivating an environment of trust, prioritizing access to care, collaborating with men to drive change, and leveraging data, analytics and technology to address systemic barriers to progress. 

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