Mercer | When Women Thrive: 2015 Report

Mercer | When Women Thrive: 2015 Report

Thriving Workforce

2015 Global When Women Thrive Report


The most comprehensive and predictive research on women in the workforce, we’ve added 13 countries since our initial 2014 report, covering nearly 600 organizations with 3.2 million employees, including 1.3 million women.  

Research findings include:

  • Only 60-70% of the female population participates actively in the workforce
  • Women are under-represented at all levels, making up just 20 percent of executives according to this report
  • Their representation declines precipitously as career levels rise – in other words: more women in staff or administrative roles and far fewer in senior or executive positions.
  • Latin America is the only region on track to achieve gender parity at the professional level and above by 2025.
  • Organizations in Asia are hiring more women at the top, but are promoting women at lower rates than men.
  • A region-by-region look at top trends and opportunities

Full Report features:

  • Executive summary
  • Global and regional internal labor maps and workforce projections
  • Regional findings for each: North America, Latin Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia
  • Solution Roadmap and Opportunity for Employers

Research Participants

Special thanks to these participating companies for contributing to the world’s most comprehensive research of women in the workplace.

Mercer Can Help:

  • Diagnostics – Know where you stand, how you compare and where to improve.
  • Analytics – To forecast your future workforce needs
  • Diversity Networks – To stay current on news, practices and policies. Join Networks
  • The 6 Ps to Successful Gender Diversity– To align your organization and leadership and ensure you have the programs and proof to drive growth
  • Custom consulting – To meet you anywhere on your diversity journey and drive your growth through women’s career advancement, workforce planning, health and financial wellbeing (Meet with us).
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