HR Consulting On-Demand

HR Consulting On-Demand

Thriving Workforce

Flex-Workers Power HR Consulting Innovation with Mercer PeoplePro

With disruptive innovation on everyone’s minds, today’s workforce is also changing with the times. One of the most important and widespread shifts is the rise of flex-working. Mercer has embraced this change with the innovative new offering Mercer PeoplePro, which relies on flex-workers to offer small and midsized businesses HR expertise, on demand.

What is Flex-work?

25 years ago Lisa Jarmoszka, a flex-worker for Mercer PeoplePro, walked into catalog company Spiegel and happily accepted her first full-time job. “I was proud to associate myself with a stellar company like Spiegel,” she says. “Back then, the company you worked with was a statement about your character. It was like a badge of honor. It is where you met your friends, built a family and a career. The company was seen as the ultimate driver of lifestyle. You built your life around the company needs.”

Times have changed. Today, workers are stepping away from the traditional idea of the all-consuming, identity-defining, full-time job and moving towards flexible ways of working.

Control, accommodation and flexibility are three words often heard by those fortunate enough to enjoy a flex-work schedule. Another key attribute of flex-work is being able to do it remotely: some flex-workers spend a portion of their time in the office, while some are totally remote.

Flex-work makes it easier for individuals to manage work and home demands and achieve a better work-life balance. It reduces stress, improves workplace satisfaction, home happiness and ultimately health. Flex-work provides tremendous benefits to companies, too, such as increased productivity, less absenteeism, better resource management, increased trust and financial savings. (Check out this infographic from Citrix for a visual summary.)

Of course, the concept of temping or working freelance isn’t new. Even Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey started out in flexible roles (and look where they are now). But today more and more companies, such as Mercer, PNC bank, AT&T and U-Haul, are actively embracing hiring flex-workers because of the benefits it offers both them and their employees. And as the workforce ages and the concept of retirement changes, people are looking for opportunities to keep working even when their full-time days are over.

But flex-work is now starting to become more the rule than the exception. According to Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends report,  44% of people aged 21-33 are now flex-workers; by 2020, 40% of the entire U.S. workforce will work on a contingent basis, according to the Intuit 2020 Report.

Embracing the Flex-Work Trend with Mercer PeoplePro

Newly launched Mercer PeoplePro has created an entirely new company based on the concept of flex-work. PeoplePro consultants, or PROs, offer advice and complete projects on demand—an innovation that would not be possible without flex-work. 

Mercer PeoplePro Business Leader Amit Loungani explains: “This new, on-demand approach to HR consulting is disruptive, innovative and long overdue.” With flex-workers, “Companies continue to get the highest levels of value, insight and intelligence from the broadest group which is a win-win for all.”  

Mercer Ushers in Workplace Innovation

At Mercer, we believe that innovation is needed for businesses to grow and evolve, including our own. HR doesn’t have to lag behind—in fact, it should be at the forefront. We’re combining innovation with the sum of our consulting experience to give businesses the HR expertise they need to thrive.

We created Mercer PeoplePro to give small and midsized businesses the benefits of HR consulting with the ease of “on-demand.” We do it thanks to our PRO flex-workers, who can give advice and do projects anytime, anywhere, we are proud to offer growing businesses fast, affordable and reliable HR consulting.

With Mercer PeoplePro you can rest assured that your HR project will be handled by top PROs in the field. Support on any HR topic or project—attracting and retaining talent, setting competitive salaries, enhancing corporate culture, introducing 401(k) programs and much more—is at your beck and call via live chat or phone, or by using the Mercer PeoplePro website.

Try it out for free. We’re offering one hour of free consulting to any small or midsized business that needs a little help. Get started by visiting