Introducing Mercer | EDGE

Introducing Mercer EDGE

Mercer | EDGE is an end-to-end strategic framework for accelerating organizational gender equality that helps companies identify their gender gaps, and develop and implement a plan to close those gaps.

Mercer | EDGE enables companies to make progress toward gender equality by leveraging Mercer’s global research and consulting expertise, and EDGE Certification’s leading global assessment methodology and certification standard.

Mercer’s Pat Milligan and EDGE’s Aniela Unguresan discuss why gender equality is good for business and how the Mercer | EDGE partnership will help companies accelerate the pace of change. 

How does gender equality benefit your organization?

  • Gender equality at all levels improves business results and powers your talent strategy
  • Gender equality improves your employer brand and increases employee engagement by ensuring equitable career opportunities for both women and men

How do you define success in gender equality?

  • Strong gender balance at all levels of the organization
  • A statistically insignificant unexplained gender pay gap
  • A solid framework of effective policies and practices to ensure equitable career flows for both women and men when it comes to pay equity, recruitment and promotions; leadership development training and mentoring; flexible working; and organizational culture
  • An inclusive culture as reflected in employees’ high ratings in terms of career development opportunities

Why pursue formal certification around your gender equality efforts?

  • Aligns your entire organization around your commitment to gender equality
  • Creates accountability through measurement and transparency
  • Assesses the real impact of policies, practices and programs
  • Applies the same rigor to improving gender equality that you use to achieve other key business goals
  • Allows you to demonstrate your commitment to gender equality both internally and externally
  • Provides objective, third-party validation of your progress

What value will Mercer | EDGE provide on your journey?

  • Offers an end-to-end process that includes assessment, benchmarking, recommended actions, EDGE certification preparation and post-certification support
  • Creates alignment and garners support at all levels of your organization
  • Helps you establish metrics to provide transparency and accountability
  • Identifies where you should invest resources and energy for maximum impact
  • Draws on our deep expertise in global gender equality to advise you on every phase of your gender equality journey — from assessment to certification preparation and beyond

What deliverables can you expect from Mercer | EDGE?

  • Documentation of your company’s business imperative for gender equality
  • A robust current state assessment of your organization leveraging your company workforce data, policies and practices data, and employee experience data
  • Benchmarking that compares your organization to your industry, geography and the EDGE standard
  • A gap analysis of your current gender equality efforts
  • Recommended actions and a strategic roadmap for the steps that your company should take for maximum impact
  • A communication toolkit to broadcast your efforts internally and externally
  • Executive network membership for peer support and expert insights
  • Credit for future consulting hours as you execute on your plan

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