Your questions answered

The impacts of COVID-19 for Norway and globally are changing every minute. We’re here to arm you with the latest insights. Watch the videos below shot with experts remotely answering your frequently asked questions. For the most up to date information and to discuss your strategies contact us.

1. Prepare and reassure

It’s critical to react fast to support your people and assets and we’re here to help.

2. Never too late to plan or review

With so many new actions and changes, it’s important to review your contingency plans and the extent of the impact. In order to be sustainable, responses ideally should be coordinated, cross-functional and robust. 

3. Execute Differently

While the coronavirus situation has created challenges in conducting normal business, now is the time to ask yourself how you can strategically start to position your business to rebound to growth. Learning from market data and the actions of peers is an important step.


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