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Inside Employees’ Minds™: Insights on Financial Wellness

For years, the employee value proposition has been predicated on the notion that engaged, happy employees are more productive, committed and loyal. Today, however, there is a growing expectation by employees that their employers provide benefit offerings above and beyond those traditionally offered, including financial wellness programs. Mercer’s new Inside Employees’ Minds Survey of 3,000 US workers shifted its focus in 2017 to better understand the motivation behind employee decision-making and personal financial wellness.


A growing number of employers across the globe are beginning to recognize the importance of financial wellness as a core pillar of total well-being. They understand that when employees are comfortable with their ability to meet their financial obligations, they’re more likely to be productive and engaged at work.

Some of the key findings from our 2017 research include:

  • There is great diversity within the financial wellness of individual employees.
  • Financial difficulties can occur at any level of income.
  • Personal financial issues impact professional performance.
  • Traditional financial education programs are not enough; psychology plays an important role.

2017 Inside Employees’ Minds Research on Financial Wellness available now - Download our PDF and learn more - NEW

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