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We are excited to share the findings of our 2019 Global Talent Trends Study. Drawing on input from over 7,300 business executives, HR leaders, and employees around the world, this year’s study focuses on the importance of Connectivity in the Human Age. Mindful of the human capital risks associated with constant change, organizations are realizing that people-centered transformation is the key to transferring the shockwaves of disruption into sparks of brilliance.


When you hear about dissatisfaction, especially in tech, it's stories of people feeling isolated in the land of plenty. Our job is to make the connection between the great place they work, the great things we offer, and how those are sincerely meant to be enriching to our employees.
~ Christina Hall, Chief People Officer, LinkedIn


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Asia and Pacific

March 6




Latin America (Portuguese)
March 20





US and Canada

March 12




Latin America (Spanish)

March 21





Europe and UK
March 13




Middle East

March 25





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