Top trends for 2021

With a global pandemic kicking off 2020, the new decade has been filled not only with fevered discussions about our health, wealth, jobs and well-being – but about the impact on our collective futures too. We’ve embraced new technologies more rapidly than we could have imagined. We’ve adopted remote working at speed. And the health and safety of our people has never been more critical.

Mercer identified four critical talent trends last year globally and for the first time has released a Nordic Talent Trends Study in 2021 providing data specific to organisations in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

The four trends have not only endured an extraordinary year, they have grown in relevance. What is critical now is how companies act locally. The study focuses on organisations' priorities in areas of reskilling, digital transformation, the employee experience and more and recommendations for staying ahead of the curve in the new shape of work.

Explore the 2021 Nordic Talent Trends study as well as the refreshed Global Study today.

Focus on futures

Work together to ensure people thrive now and in the future.

Race to reskill

Transform the workforce for a new world economy.

Sense with science

See ahead by augmenting Al with human intuition.

Energize the experience

Inspire and invigorate people by redesigning the work experience.

Innovative Talent Case Studies from Norway

A future-focused competency model

Strongly linked to the focus on futures trend, Siva, the industrial development corporation of Norway was facing a lack of agreement on employee responsibilities, how each position fit within the company and the key behavioral attributes employees should have in order to support the company’s five-year growth strategy.

Found out more on the solution proposed and the impact in this case study.


A structured employee experience with flexible job architecture 

Enabling individual career pathways, while ensuring the bonus model is fair and transparent is a critical challenge organizations face to retain employees and motivate them to excel.

At Scandza, a major Scandinavian consumer brand company, frequent changes to the operating model was causing confusion and a higher turnover.

Learn more about the flexible job architecture solution proposed and its impact in this case study.


Our shifting future

We enter 2021 with a fundamentally altered view of work and society. Leaders are listening to their employees more than ever, and need to demonstrate empathy, inclusiveness and responsiveness on a daily basis. Leveraging the insights that emerge, it has never been more vital to weave together the technology and human agendas. What is the best way to respond to these challenges? How are leading organizations balancing listening and duty of care with agility and digital transformation? And how are employers transforming business practices for sustainability? 

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