In the Delivering the deal spotlight series, we explore new mergers and acquisitions trends and discuss strategies for harnessing the power of people to drive sustainable deal value.

 In this podcast, we are bringing you an interview hosted by Jeff Black, the Global and North America M&A Advisory Services Leader and Dhruv Mehra, Asia M&A Advisory Services Leader, and Haze Zhang, Greater China M&A Advisory Services Leader, covering:

  • Overview of mergers and acquisitions activity in the Asia Pacific region in 2021
  • Outlook and motivation for deals in the Asia Pacific
  • Most critical success factor in M&A in 2021
  • ESG considerations during M&A deals

Interesting Moments from the podcast:

  • "Based on our [M&A] research, it shows 57% of survey respondents do indicate an increased appetite for M&A in the next 12-24 months, and that seems quite consistent with what we are hearing on the ground."

  • “Investing in ESG and sustainability on the people side could create value to employees and multiple stakeholders to the organization which could boost ESG performance and enables sustainable business growth.”

  • "We found that across all issues, 70% of PE buyers said that leadership alignment and culture alignment are the biggest derailers of a transaction"




Delivering the deal spotlight series

What does the future of deal activity look like in Asia Pacific?

Jeff Black
Jeff Black

Global, US and Canada M&A Advisory Services Leader

Dhruv Mehra
Dhruv Mehra

Partner, AMEA M&A Advisory Services Leader, Mercer

Haze Zhang
Haze Zhang

Principal, Greater China, M&A Advisory Services Leader, Mercer

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