Mercer at the World Economic Forum

Mercer at the World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum

Mercer at Davos 2018

New Ideas for Succeeding in a Disrupted World

Technological, political, social and economic developments are pulling at the fabric of what it means to be global and what it means to govern, to lead, and to succeed. We have an opportunity to help drive a new shared narrative for our future — a less-divided one that will improve the state of our world.

Davos Daily 

A message from our Chief Marketing Officer

Hello from the final day of Davos.

I have lots of updates on yesterday’s activities. Yesterday was a power-packed day as we kicked off the morning with the Healthy Wealthy and Work-Wise breakfast session led by Renee McGowan, Global Leader, Individual Wealth at Mercer, and a panel of leaders from AARP, Blue Marble Microinsurance, the Australian Government and Adecco. If you missed the live stream, I encourage you to take few minutes and watch it here. The conversation was powerful and packed with insights, not just about longevity, but about educating employees, providing new options around financial security, and thinking out of the box as we tackle the challenge of an aging workforce and society. .

Straight after the breakfast, Mercer President & CEO Julio Portalatin, Global Leader Pat Milligan, Renee and I were back-to-back meetings all day long with clients, prospects, partners, press and leaders. Within a 3-day period, we’ve had so many incredible interactions that would have been difficult to schedule even over many months outside of the WEF Annual Meeting. That’s a big reason why people come to Davos; it brings together a powerful group of people that would not normally come together in one place to conduct business, accelerate progress and spur real action on pressing global issues. It’s also amazing exercise; I’m pretty sure each of us walked about 10 miles each day we were here, as we traveled back and forth for meetings  - but these meetings are worth it.

As we head into our final day of meetings, we look forward to continuing to share what we have learned with you to navigate the Future of Work and drive all of us toward a great 2018.

Jeanniey Mullen

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Live from Davos – Mercer Private Executive Briefings

Mercer CEO Julio Portalatin and fellow global executives, Pat Milligan and Renée McGowan, will lead future focused discussions that explore new approaches to closing the gender and long-term savings gaps. 

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