Norwegian Pension Survey 2018

Mercer and Marsh are again joining forces to conduct research in order to provide you with the best possible insights into the Norwegian pension market (please find the 2017 report here). These insights will help you to:

  • benchmark your pension plan offering to those of your competitors to ensure you are offering competitive benefits,
  • better understand the pension market and get familiar with market- and industry trends,
  • establish good governance for future decision making on the 2nd most important benefit you can offer your employees.

We would like to ask you for 20 minutes of your time to help us with our research and enabling us to provide you with excellent data. Your data will be protected and not linked to your specific organization. The data will only be used to offer market- and industry-specific insights into the pension market. Deadline is 20 January 2018.

In return for your time, you will receive the Executive Summary and the complete 2018 Norwegian pension market report for FREE.