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Norway Pension Survey 2017

Norway Pension Survey 2017 - Mapping the Norwegian Pensionlandscape

Triggered by significant changes in the Norwegian pension market, Mercer has conducted a bespoke survey to collect information on retirement schemes in.
Quality market data and insight have become vital to keep up with the ever changing legislation. At Mercer we understand the importance of relying on data to make calculated and sustainable decisions for your DC Governance. We have made it our priority to provide you with this data and insights into the DC transformation, resulting in our comprehensive Norway Pension Survey.

Norway's 2018 Pension Survey is out. Get the insights and data here. 

About the pension survey

The survey report will provide you with relevant data about the general market, and details about industries and your own peer group. This will provide necessary insights for companies that are still in the transition process, as well as those that need a benchmark to validate their choices.

The pension survey features data on the current state of retirement schemes and risk benefits (disability and death). It covers both DB and DC designs, transfer models from DB to DC and it also looks into compensation or transition programs for organizations which have transferred from DB to DC. The number of DB designs are still in decline, but data shows it is still a significant part of the market. There is also a section looking into supplementary schemes for salaries above NOK 1,110,912 (12G, salary cap for funded tax deductable schemes).
The data has been collected from 224 organizations within a wide range of industries in Q1 2017.

Your personal DC design

Mercer can provide you with the data personalized to your industry and your organization, as well as the needed expert advice to interpret the data and how it might affect the decision you made/are making for your DC plan.  

Mercer's pension survey revealed that 19% of organizations had implemented a supplementary scheme for salary above 12G (common salary cap). We also know how they did it, their design and in which industries it is most common.

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