In this new era of uncertainty it’s critical to establish structure and stability for your business and your people. You need to attract, develop and retain the right talent with tools to assess jobs and offer pathways and reassurance.


A job evaluation methodology allows you to understand the internal comparability and external value of jobs while facilitating the rapid development of new roles and responsibilities, providing a platform for better career management for employees and increased workplace flexibility.


By outlining your company’s career levels and job families or career paths with Mercer’s Career Frameworks solution, you can architect compelling career paths for your employees that foster talent development, enhance retention efforts, and cost-effectively cultivate a workforce that improves business performance.

IPE: Providing Structure for your People

Mercer IPE (International Position Evaluation) is a proprietary job evaluation methodology based on a series of business-related factors that represent core job attributes. Application of the IPE methodology provides a framework based on a job’s value within the context of an organization and the wider commercial environment. IPE implementation follows a simple process focusing on organization structure, the complexities of the business, and the alignment of jobs to the business.


Mercer IPE is supported by a leading online tool, WIN | eIPE, which facilitates all IPE related activities – organization sizing, job evaluation, and outcomes such as reporting and tracking. The tool comes pre-loaded with Mercer standard reference evaluations and provides dedicated space to capture job information and attach relevant documents. 

With the eIPE tool, Mercer provides:

  • 24-hour, secured access to evaluations from anywhere in the world
  • Automated evaluation approval process •
  • Multi-lingual support documentation
  • Local consultant support
  • Complimentary help desk support
  • New software releases driven by user feedback

Mercer IPE provides a consistent methodology for evaluating your organization’s jobs anywhere in the world. When hiring and moving talent is critical to your business realizing its growth potential, Mercer IPE is the answer. Ultimately, job definition and evaluation using Mercer IPE will allow your organization to establish a market leading framework that reduces costs, manages risk and facilitates talent movement. Mercer IPE provides the foundation for consistent and informed HR and business decisions.


It enables rapid blueprinting of new and evolving roles in ways that manage cost and risk. Mercer IPE helps develop a defined job architecture and internal job hierarchy that can be the basis for a broad range of talent applications including:

  • Global Leveling
  • Talent Development
  • Organization Design
  • Career Planning
  • Rewards
  • Pay Equity
  • Mobility
  • Workforce Planning & Analytics

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