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In a world of business model disruption, inorganic growth strategies are increasingly critical to success. With investor pressure coming from all sides, this dynamic deal environment requires a combination of speed, capability and execution to deliver sustainable value today, tomorrow and well into the future.


With global scale and a local footprint, we have the business acumen, deal experience and people expertise to solve your toughest people challenges anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. We help you maximize value, mitigate risk and moderate costs to capture the full value of your deal.


The diversity of our clients — in size, maturity, industry sector and geographic location — means we collaborate with organizations to tackle a broad range of issues. Simply put, we know what needs to be done — when, how, why and by whom. We work with you to manage the deal chaos and complexity every step of the way to drive growth and soar to new heights.


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Driving value in deals across all transaction types …

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    Mergers and acquisitions


    The success of an acquisition increasingly depends on prioritizing people risk. Our research shows that 60% of deals fail due to workforce issues. Organizations need to address this risk at the initiation of any acquisition process — at target identification and during due diligence — and with the same strategic focus that goes into analyzing the financial risks.


    The Mercer difference

    What differentiates us is our deal experts, who understand how to maximize value, mitigate risks and moderate costs to create sustainable value across all human capital levers. Our exceptional ability to translate people risks into measurable financial and operational outcomes has transformed business for hundreds of our clients. We have the deal and subject matter expertise to advise our clients and partner with them to implement the right strategies.

  • Divestitures




    Divestitures can unlock hidden shareholder value and generate cash to fund growth and innovation. The speed at which organizations need to pivot and pursue a new strategic direction is leading to the rise of divestitures. A successful divestiture means maximizing the sale price, closing the deal quickly and creating sustainable value for the remaining business.


    Whether you’re planning a spin-off or carve-out, or selling the entire business, analyzing workforce risks is an essential first step in preparing for any sale. This analysis should begin at the pre-separation strategy and planning stage — and it requires the same strategic focus that goes into preparing the carve-out financials.


    Executing a divestiture can be far more challenging than acquiring an organization. At Mercer, we recommend approaching the sale from the perspective of a potential buyer — understanding that different buyers have different priorities.


    The Mercer difference

    We know how to protect value by identifying human capital risks early in the divestiture process. Our exceptional ability to uncover workforce risks helps sellers anticipate hurdles and mitigate any surprises early. Speed is the key to success, and our ability to respond anywhere globally within 24 hours helps drive your successful divestiture.


  • Restructuring and turnaround

    Restructuring and turnaround

    Restructuring and turnaround


    In times of financial distress, leaders face tremendous pressure to restructure their businesses — preserving stakeholder value, business continuity and jobs. Successful turnarounds require both a financial restructuring and operational recovery.


    Aligning human capital strategy with strategic objectives is crucial for success. Workforce risk analysis must happen at the beginning of the restructuring process rather than as an afterthought. This analysis needs the same strategic focus as stabilizing the operations and defining the turnaround strategy.


    The Mercer difference

    Mercer is a leader in advising distressed companies on how to mitigate risks, maximize value and moderate costs to create sustainable value throughout the restructuring and turnaround process. Our exceptional ability to translate people risks into measurable outcomes has transformed business for hundreds of distressed clients. From uncovering cost savings to formulating strategies to implementing and accelerating rapid change — we can help you create sustainable value in all human capital aspects of your turnaround.

  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances

    Joint ventures and strategic alliances

    Joint ventures and strategic alliances


    Joint ventures and strategic alliances are important tools for achieving growth. They can be quicker than building an entirely new business and appear to present less complex logistics than acquisitions.


    Yet misaligned strategic goals, unclear governance, skewed operating models, indistinct workforce strategies and cultural mismatches can ultimately lead to underperformance.


    These deals are increasingly dependent on prioritizing people risk. The most successful approaches address these risks from the beginning — at strategy identification and partner searches — and require the same focus as operational risks.


    The Mercer difference

    We are deal experts who understand how to mitigate risks, maximize value and moderate human capital costs to achieve sustainable value. Hundreds of clients have benefited from our holistic and practical approach to translating people risks into measurable outcomes.




… throughout the lifecycle of the deal

Our global advisors work with corporate acquirers and financial investors on both the buy and sell side. Let us help you mitigate your most difficult workforce risks by leveraging our deep human capital expertise as well as our global insights and world-class capabilities across all lines of business.


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