10, 11 and 12 November, 2020

2020 Mercer Norway DC Festival


This year Mercer is going virtual for the DC Conference so you can get the latest insights and inspiration from anywhere. Engage with the content on an interactive platform and attend the sessions most relevant for you.


Spanning 3 days on 10, 11 and 12 November sessions will cover the future of pensions in Norway and how to ensure sustainability as well as critical talent and investment trends and is tailored for HR professionals, pension managers, institutional investors and senior management of all industries. Stay tuned for detailed updates and make sure you register your place and mark your calendar.


  • 10 November, 9:00-11:00
    The system perspective: Norway pensions 2020 & beyond

    Presentation: How sustainable is Norway’s Pension System in 2020? (Session in English)

    • Unpacking the results of Mercer & CFA Institute’s Global Pension Index and how Norway’s pension system rates against 39 other systems
    • Assessing the pandemic impact on the market and Norwegians’ pensions
    • Highlighting upcoming systematic changes including Egen Pensjonskonto and the potential future impact 
    • An updated overview of vendor ratings in Norway




    Dr David Knox
    Senior Partner
    Mercer Australia 
    Tor Olsen
    Client Executive
    Marsh Norway 




    Panel discussion: How will the future of DC pensions change for Norwegian employers? (Session in Norwegian)

    • Navigating the opportunities and responsibilities for employee pensions in the new decade
    • How will the focus on personal financial security and the employer’s responsibility change?




    Einar Espolin Johnson
    Akademikerne Pluss
    Joar Hagatun
    CEO / Co-Founder
    Per Ivar Bakken
    Senior Relationship Officer
    Marsh Norway

  • 11 November, 9:00-11:00
    The employee perspective: financial wellness

    Presentation: How secure are employees in 2020? (Session in English)

    • Exploring the latest talent trends and data in 2020 
    • How closely do employee expectations align to employer actions?
    • Is it time to redesign retirement for employees? (not Are employees prepared for retirement)


    Kate Bravery
    Global Practices Leader

    Yvonne Sonsino

    Global Co-Leader Next Stage 
    Juuso Setanen
    Career Consultant
    Mercer Norway

    Panel discussion: Is the financial aspect of employee wellness too often overlooked? (Session in English)

    • Why is holistic employee wellness critical?
    • How has the home office and 2020 experience affected employee’s anxiety, financial stress and engagement in work?
    • In what ways can employees’ positive engagement in their own financial security be monitored and enhanced?

    Nick McClelland
    Partner, UK Growth Leader
    Mercer Marsh Benefits UK
    Tore Martin Andersen
    Head of Client Management
    Mercer Marsh Benefits Norway

  • 12 November, 9:00-11:00
    The investment perspective: transformational investment & DC

    Presentation: Transformational investment: is it possible to make a difference to societal risks and also secure higher returns with your investment choices? (Session in English)

    • An overview of a practical approach to transformational investment for employers
    • Responsible investment considerations when selecting pension providers
    • Analysing the short-term pandemic impact on ESG and charting the future of investment philosophies in Norway and the region



    Per Haagensen
    Investment Leader
    Mercer Norway                       

    Inge West 
    Responsible InvestmentConsultant 
    Mercer UK




    Panel discussion: What’s the next step for employers and investors? (Session in Norwegian)

    • With intense market volatility, in what ways can investors manage long-term risk and returns sustainably?
    • What will be the critical considerations in overall investment philosophy in the wake of the pandemic and in the coming decade?


    Anders Petter Wik 
    Head of Investments 
    DNB Livsforsikring        
       Leif-Rune Rein 
    Chief Investment Officer 
    Nordea Liv          
    Dagfin Norum
    Chief Investment Officer
    Storebrand Asset Management
    Kim Johanson Tanke
    Investment Consultant
    Mercer Norway      



10, 11 and 12 November


9:00 - 11:00

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